A new workshop!

On the 30th, November it took place the inauguration of the new areas for the activities of Polimi Motorcycle Factory in the Department of Mechanics in Bovisa. All the sponsors of the team were invited to participate to the event in order to thank them for allowing us to carry on this university project and in order to show them the progress and the works accomplished by the different technical area.

During the presentation the different technical directors have describe the different processing done on the prototype of Aragon 2016 in order to improve some aspects of the motorcycle to kickstart the creation of the prototype for the competition of Aragon 2018.After that the sponsor were shown the new workshop provided by the Politecnico of Milan in sharing to Polimi Motorcycle Factory where they found a pleasant surprise…the cinghialotta!
Regarding the surprise, the 2016 prototype has totally changed the aesthetics improving the fairing’s line to face the tests and collect the highest amount of data to improve further the new motorcycle!
We are very satisfied about this event especially after seeing the big support we received from the sponsors which verified the team’s progress and the future plans that the PMF will accomplish using at best their sponsorships.

Se ti è piaciuto l'articolo, condividi 🙂

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