Reaping the fruits of your labour!

In the first weekend of October took place, at the Motorland Circuit in Aragon (Spain), the 5th edition of Motostudent, a renowned motorcycle competition. In this competition university students worldwide challenge each other with competition prototypes that they have designed and built.
The competition is formed by a first part named “MS1” in which the teams have to show the industrial project about an hypothetical mass production of the veichle. In this phase are also assigned the “best design award” for the best design project and the “best technological innovation award” for the best project about the innovative features of the motorbike.
The second part of the competition is named “MS2” and it consists in some dynamic tests like acceleration test and full speed. The final test is the race of 8 laps.

In this edition the guys of Polimi Motorcycle Factory Team were protagonists and winners! A few years from the foundation, the team composed by students of Politecnico di Milano worked hard to conquer the second absolute place in MS1. The team gave the best in the dynamic tests winning the top step of the podium in acceleration test and full speed. The team also had more points due to the second place in mechanical test, the second place in the qualifications and the second fastest lap.
The best conclusion was the victory of the final race that made the team of Milan World Champion of Motostudent 2018!




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